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Our web site speed optimisation service can improve your customer’s web site experience and thus improve engagement and your Google ranking.


Why use Bluefusion to improve your web site speed?

Simple answer… We have years and years of web site building, optimisation and hosting experience. We have proven skills in optimisation and proven results with many many websites improved from painfully slow to blistering fast… All vastly increasing their customer experience and thus Google ranking.

 From painfully slow 

⇊ ⇊ ⇊

 To blistering fast speeds

The speed scores above show a web site before and after our speed optimisation.
You can clearly see the page loading time cut from over 12 seconds to under 1 second.


Web site Speed Optimisation

For a few years now Google and the other search engines have used web site speed as a ranking factor. They want the web sites at the top of their list to deliver the best experience. Waiting around for a web site to load is not a good experience for the customer thus speed has become a very important factor. But search engines aside, creating the best end user experience should always be a top priority for any web site.

Whether you have a small one page site, multiple pages, or hundreds or thousands of e-commerce pages we can help speed up your site… resulting in an improved end user experience and increased search engine results.

We utilise four different analysis tools and compare results in addition to our manual checks, all creates the best result for your web site.

Here’s a list of some of the many items we check and analyse with the aim to speed up your web site:

  • Page size
  • Image size – both file size and image dimensions
  • Script usage and optimisation
  • CSS optimisation
  • HTML optimisation
  • Hosting optimisation and bandwidth bottlenecks
  • Caching systems
  • Data compression
  • Database optimisation
  • CDN or locations requirements

And many more…

If you are serious about your business…

Get serious about your site speed!

We don’t sell our web site speed optimisation directly on our website as we want to ensure we can work with you and deliver the right service. So for more info contact us today.

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